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"Privacy is an integral part of my therapeutic practice. I was initially 'reluctant' to create this page as I thought it may be intruding on the therapeutic relationship I have, and have had with my clients . However, enquiring, past and existing clients, have commented it may be 'inspirational' for those seeking help and support.  To cut a long story short, feedback from my clients has caused me to update and motivate!!!  So here it is.... my 'testimonial page'. Honesty is my policy so it  is important for me to add here that  all reviews on this page are willingly submitted by my clients with their permission, and knowledge that they will see them here on my site. Names  have been removed  to protect client confidentiality. I have had many success stories which I would love to inspire you with however they will only be seen here when I have  them in writing with consent from the author.  So this page is, and will continue to be my' work in progress'."

 Christine Douglas

"Going to therapy, for anxiety, I was feeling pretty anxious! Christine immediately put me at ease. She has such a calming persona and I felt I made significant progress after only a short time with CBT.  I would highly recommend Christine, not only is she a genuinely kind person who wants to help, but she will make you work, it can be difficult at times but also liberating. I have become a more happy & healthy person, thank you Christine"

"I have tried several therapists before Christine.  I has also tried CBT and other types of therapy before and didn't find they helped that much. My anxiety was so high I did not think anything would help.  Christine helped me break down what I was feeling and understand it.  She made me feel so comfortable and accepted.  I actually looked forward to our sessions! I now feel much more self aware, in control and happy in myself".

"Depression after having a child caused me so much pain.  I didn't know how to voice it when I came to therapy, now I do.  Guilt at feeling happy to go back to work and claim some semblance of myself, inadequacy that everything I was doing meant I was a "bad mother".  Fear of being judged by everyone.  Therapy helped me realise that I was my greatest critic. I taught me to account for myself and give myself credit for my uniqueness and the challenges I have come through.  I was not expecting therapy to help me understand the solid rules or 'rules for living' Christine would say I have and how they have impacted on my life. I can only describe myself as being like a big ball of string when I came to therapy which slowly got unraveled !  Thanks so much Christine!

"I had so much stuff going on when I first came to see Christine.  She made me feel comfortable from the first time she introduced herself.  I have trouble with feeling accepted and understanding my identity. Who am I ?  I had no clue. My life has been a life of walking on eggshells, pleasing people and wishing I belonged somewhere.  It was hard work, I was probably hard work, I won't lie  but Christine helped me find me. I came to therapy like a lost soul, now I know I am a work in progress, but I'm finally learning to be happy in my own skin - a place I NEVER thought I would be! I cannot thank her enough for that".

Therapy with Christine helped me to remember how great I am ! :)

Before therapy I was crippled by my anxiety.  I literally struggled leaving the house and my head just felt a mess.  Christine showed me how to 'unravel' my thoughts and challenge them.  She also showed me that they have no power unless I give them power.  I feel I am slowly taking back control again.  For the first time in a very long time I am starting to feel happy in my own skin.  I can not say how much this experience is doing for me!

Christine was so warm and welcoming from the the very first contact.  I really felt I could trust her and I have told her things I have not told anyone, even those closest to me.  When I was telling Christine my thoughts and things that have happened that I thought people would hate me for, I realised that with her, I never felt judged, or disapproved of, so I could freely speak about stuff I don't normally share.  She has always accepted me and my story unconditionally and more than this she has shown me a way to accept my past.  My past does not define me anymore.  I now feel I have the skills to move forward and engage with life.  For the first time in many years I am looking forward to the future. 

Christine allowed be the opportunity to tell my story and not feel judged.  I felt enormous relief after the very first session and even some hope for the future;  which is something I had not felt in a very long time. Christine showed me alternative ways to look at my situation and I realised that my way of thinking was not at all realistic.  As the sessions progressed Christine helped me see not only how my actions were contributing to my problems, but also what I was not doing in my life.  Realising what I was avoiding and why was massive for me.  Christine is challenging, and I don't mean that in a bad way.  She does challenge me, and the work on myself has been challenging, but Christine always comes across as kind, warm and non judgemental,this is exactly what I needed. Thank you - Thank you -  Thank you!

After putting off getting support for over 2 years, I decided to book in with Christine for CBT. After only 3 sessions I already feel more in control of my life and my emotions. Christine has a calm, friendly approach that makes you feel at ease. CBT is something that everyone can benefit from, no matter how big or small your problems may be.

I had been crippled with anxiety and low mood for years. I felt powerless and trapped in  my own head.  Christine was like a breath of fresh air.  I felt listened to and not judged.  I think it was about session three that I felt a 'light bulb 'moment and everything just seemed to click.  It was hard work acknowledging how my behaviours contribute to my negative emotions. It was also quite empowering understanding my thoughts and reframing them in a realistic more helpful way. For the first time since I don't know when, I feel like I have control again.. and I now look to the future with hope and even a bit of excitement!

 I have been having therapy with Christine for 4 weeks and already I am able to deal with my issues easier. Christine is easy to speak to and is able to ascertain very quickly where the problem lies. 
It is hard work but if you do the homework that is set every week with Christines help you can see a brighter future. 

Taking the step to begin CBT with Christine was the best decision I’ve made. I was overcome with anxiety to the point it was difficult for me to separate reality from my thoughts. Since exploring this with Christine I have developed strategies to help me regain control and I am now able to alter my behaviours which were fueling the process and indeed not helping me cope, as I originally thought! Christine is always supportive, encouraging and has been invaluable in helping me in my journey to a happier future.

After years of trying to understand and “fix” my own thoughts, eventually plucking up the courage of going to therapy really has been helpful. I wish I had met someone like Christine years ago. Therapy has helped tremendously. Christine is genuine, honest, understanding and offers amazing insight. I would recommend her to anyone who is feeling a bit lost, isolated or struggling in any way. CBT for me has emphasised whatever it is your going through, its never as bad as it may seem. 
Christine, thanks again.

I was completely fed up with waiting lists on the NHS and then not getting any say in the therapist I saw.  I  decided to take charge and invest in myself.  Christine's profile resonated with me- she came across as warm and genuine. She did not dissappoint. Christine know's her stuff. She got to the root of my problems quicker than I ever expected.  Therapy  was  a game changer for me! Only wish I'd taken the 'bull by the horns' sooner!!!

My head was a bit of a mess when I first saw Christine.  I was not sure if what I was thinking was real, was I being paranoid, unfair to others.... My self esteem was at an all time low.  Christine helped me understand  why I am the way I am and also how to make sense of my thoughts and feelings.  Learning to trust myself again, and the art of self care or as Christine calls it 'being my own best friend' was life changing for me.  Applying what I had learnt in therapy and slowly but steadily making changes in my behaviours and challenging my thoughts  has helped me take back control.  I feel like I am back in the drivers seat again. Therapy was hard work but worth it !!!

Christine just seems to 'get it'.  From the first session it was as if she could look behind everything I was saying and pull out stuff I did not even know was there.  She looks beneath the surface. How she does this I don't quite know, but I do know I have been carrying around stuff for years that has been damaging me I have been putting on a smile and pretending my life has been fine. Until I started self sabotaging relationships, work , myself, all because of this stuff which was still there.  Christine carefully and gently helped me revisit this stuff and understand how it has shaped me.  Challenge the destructive attachments and meanings I have  to my past, and form a healthier more compassionate view of my life and most importantly with myself.  Life changing stuff...P.S.Thanks Christine!!!

I had tried counselling a couple of times before but I always left feeling like it wasn’t a good fit and I could never understand how other people got so much from counselling.
Until one day I was recommended contacting Christine. All I can say is it was the best decision I have ever made in my life.


I was nervous and anxious (feelings I was very familiar with experiencing at the time) but as soon as I was in my first session, Christine put me at me ease.
From that day I always looked forward to our next session!

One of my favourite things about CBT with Christine is that she relates to you. She uses analogies and practical tools that helped me overcome and heal from my anxiety, anger, negative thinking and feelings of not being good enough - feelings I didn’t even know I had.

Not only that, she is kind, warm and always made me laugh!

It’s been 4 months since my last session with Christine. I can now proudly say, that I finally know now that I am a whole cake (as Christine so wisely puts it) and I do feel good enough. Fear and anxiety no longer rule my life and my self-esteem does not rely on any external validation anymore.

I cannot recommend Christine enough. She has changed my life and I will be forever grateful.

Thank you

I was  a nervous starting therapy.  I have had a couple of bad experiences on the NHS.  Not that the NHS is bad but it is a bit of pot luck who you get and if you 'click'.  I gave up for  a few years.  I then got to a point where I was so low and lost I felt it was either a case of sink or swim.  I decided to invest in my self .  Looking back it was a bot of a last resort really.  I searched for private therapists - someone I thought resonnated with me .  I had the intention to just try one session and see what happens.  I found Christine and the rest is history.  I have my 'mojo' back.  She is amzaingly insightful at helping  me  understand  how me brain works and helped me understand why I see myself the way I do. I ended up staying for ten sessions and every so often when I feel my old ways creeping back I have a booster session.  I honestly believe there is nothing I would feel I could not share with Christine.  One of the best decisions I ever made.

I have trauma from my childhood which made me feel ashamed and damaged.  I buried it for years.  I came to Christine with anxiety, low mood, angry outbursts with some bad habits thrown in.  I thought she had her work cut out for her with me! I had no intention of  speaking of my trauma.  I could not believe I ended up sharing with her the darkest parts of my life - she likened it to 'cleaning out a wound to allow it to heal'.  I cannot believe how light I feel now.  She helped me to put the shame where it belongs.  I like myself now and as my self confidence grows I find my bad habits have fallen away too. Christine has this magic power of reading between the lines and joining the dots.  Things I could  not see myself.  She always made me feel at ease, and validated.  My experience of therapy was scary as I was looking back at things I had hidden. I just wish I had done it sooner.

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