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"Privacy is an integral part of my therapeutic practice. I was initially 'reluctant' to create this page as I thought it may be intruding on the therapeutic relationship I have, and have had with my clients . However, enquiring, past and existing clients, have commented it may be 'inspirational' for those seeking help and support.  To cut a long story short, feedback from my clients has caused me to update and motivate!!!  So here it is.... my 'testimonial page'. Honesty is my policy so it  is important for me to add here that  all reviews on this page are willingly submitted by my clients with their permission, and knowledge that they will see them here on my site. Names  have been removed  to protect client confidentiality. I have had many success stories which I would love to inspire you with however they will only be seen here when I have  them in writing with consent from the author.  So this page is, and will continue to be my' work in progress'."

 Christine Douglas